You have to be exceptionally stupid, a real loser, to sign up for the military—not to mention CIA, NSA, or DHS.

You don’t even have the stuff to be an independent criminal, but you’ll take orders, committing crimes against the innocent, for low pay.

Since you had nowhere to go, and no options, you placed yourself in the hands of homosexual rapists, who are themselves victims of rape, so they will abuse your body.

There is no escape from the base you thought was safe….

They will run experiments on you, injecting you with drugs, to which you have no right to say no, so you will get extra vaccines.

Listen to the lieutenant colonels, who have served for many years as army doctors, while they blow the whistle, in the film, Died Suddenly, about the exponential increase of soldier’s deaths due to vaccines purposely designed to kill them.

Soldiers are dying like crazy, and a real veteran will tell you: they deserve it.

There are actually a few real people in the military, and every one of them speaks out against the entire organization….

Soldiers deserve their abuse, since they signed up to be part of a criminal organization that rapes not only its own, but also women and children, while it serves foreign interests.

The soldier boys have signed up for more than one kind of injection, as the losers betray their country to commit crimes.

Meanwhile, you’re paying taxes you can’t afford, while you go under, all so that the criminal organizations of the government, pharmaceutical interests, and defense contractors can abuse the stupid criminals who deserve no sympathy.

Their masters relish their suffering.

So should you.

Let the vaccinations do their work….


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