Flashing lights are key to MK-ULTRA.

Color Programming Poster

Subjects are given drugs like scopolamine, which weaken the will and stop memories from forming.

Click Here To Read the Transcript from Congress’s Investigation of the CIA’s Use of Drugs against Unwitting Americans!


They are hypnotized.


And they are implanted with cybernetics.

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Their abusers shine colored lights and strobes in their faces.


Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, the Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, writes of color programming.

One of the things developed in the California Universities and then implemented at China Lake was color programming, which will be covered later in this book. Red and green were discovered to be the most visible colors for programming. Various colored flashing lights were used in programming at NOTS. Survivors of the programming all remember flashing lights. The use of flashing lights has been introduced into American culture by the CIA. If a person goes into bars and places where bands play, you will notice multi-colored lights flashing. The flashing lights create disassociation, especially in people who are programmed.

But what would she know about secret government programs?

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cisco wheeler illuminati book

When I was a boy, CIA used Rubik’s Cube for hypnotism, as abusers turned it back and forth, up and down, in front of their victims.

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rubik's cubeEarly video games, like Simon, bombarded children with flashing lights and sounds, scattering their attention, while they thought they built memory skills.

Click Here To Learn about CIA’s Use of Simon in MK-ULTRA!

People were trained to go out clubbing, where they were hit with more flashing lights.

Dance Club Disco Lights Strobe

CIA could easily drug their drinks.

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fixed drink

Casinos have similar dynamics.

las vegas sign star of ishtar

Do you see the Star of Ishtar?

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star of ishtar eyes wide shut

It’s just like the one at Central Intelligence.


The Illuminati run those losers.

slot machine illuminati

And they love to make sick jokes at the expense of their victims.

slot machine welcome to hell

They are gangsters.

mobsters gangsters gambling

It makes sense that they run Vegas.

las vegas gangsters to governors

Through IN-Q-TEL, CIA also runs Silicon Valley.

Together with NSA, CIA controls social media platforms–from Google to FaceBook to LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn - Map of Sunnyvale

Together with NSA, CIA starts kids on the internet.

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child boy internet computer

Together with NSA, CIA controls your television, another mind control device, with flashing lights, sounds, and programs.

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television hypnosis

DHS, NSA, and CIA watch you through tv….

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The National Security Agency uses your smartphone to spy on you.

Social media giants have used gambling research to make their platforms operate like slot machines.

That makes sense since slot machines make more money than baseball, movies, & theme parks combined.

casino infographics

People become addicted to slot machines two to three times faster than to any other gambling.

gambling stats

Your smartphone is like a slot machine.


And it’s just as addictive.

smartphone addiction chart

Through their affiliates, CIA promotes addiction to technology, just as they promote addiction to gambling.

smartphone stats 2

Everytime you check your smartphone, feeding it not money but attention, you play for a variable schedule reward.

This reward is enhanced through cybernetics, just as James Olds stimulated the pleasure centers in the brains of rats to elicit certain behaviors.

Click Here To Learn How We Are Like Rats To Them!

It’s like Pavlov’s dogs.

pavlov's dog

As you can learn from the Minds of Men, an excellent documentary on MK-ULTRA, Olds was part of CIA’s early cybernetics programs.

Click Here for an Overview and Clips from the Minds of Men!

You can watch the film in its entirety below.

NSA, CIA, and DHS promote internet pornography through similar methods.

Click Here To Learn How CIA Uses Pornography in MK-ULTRA!

mind control sex slaves cia

They love to make jokes at their victims’ expense.

slot machine cia

PROJECT MONARCH involves sexual slavery; and, since I fight the program, I have given its name to this site.


Look how the scum advertise our abuse with their slot machines.

slot machine monarch

In MK-ULTRA and PROJECT MONARCH, CIA uses the Wizard of Oz for programming.

slot machine wizard of oz

In MK-ULTRA and PROJECT MONARCH, CIA uses Alice in Wonderland for programming.

slot machine alice in wonderland

I was programmed to Playboy.

Click Here To Learn about CIA’s Use of Playboy in MK-ULTRA!


So it shows up in gambling, too.

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slot machine playboy

Some of my programming occured at a center where Marilyn Lange, the Playmate of the Year, was entrained under PROJECT MONARCH.

Click Here To Learn How We Were Programmed!

linden high school

There I was programmed to Wonder Woman.

Click Here To Learn More about my Programming!


So, of course, she has a slot machine.

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slot machines wonder woman

Marilyn Lange was programmed to Batman.


And she was also programmed to Star Trek.


So, of course, Batman shows up at Vegas.

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slot machine batman

And so does Star Trek.

Click Here To Learn about Mr. Spock’s Hand Sign Below!

slot machine star trek tribbles

Ten miles from Las Vegas sits Nellis Air Force Base, a near-death trauma center in which satanic traitors rape, torture, and brainwash children.

Click Here To Learn How USAF Harbors Traitors, Rapists, & Pedophiles!


Like Schriever Air Force Base, Nellis provides a home to the Combined Air and Space Operations Center, which coordinates microwave attacks on Americans.

Click Here To Learn about the Symptoms of Microwave Harassment!

NASA is deeply involved in mind control, which Air Force calls the Mission.

Click Here To Learn about the Mission Run by USAF & NASA!

Nellis also houses the Air Demonstration Squadron, known as the Thunderbirds, whose imagery appears in cartel signaling.

Click Here To Learn about the Satanic Symbol of the Thunderbird!


The symbolism of Air Force badges and units is satanic–for good reason.

Click Here To Learn about Satanic & Masonic Symbols in USAF Badges!


The Thunderbirds make the Air Force look like fun, painting pictures in the sky.


They mock America, using sprayers just like the ones that dump aluminum, barium, strontium, slime mold, fungus, and nano-technology on our country through OPERATION CLOVERLEAF and INDIGO SKY FOLD.

Click Here To Learn More about Chemtrails, Smartdust, & Mind Control!

Their obscene symbols are picked up in the slot machines.

slot machine thunderbird

You can find loose slots in the casinos….

loose slots


slot machine hooker

These unfortunate remnants of women are as full of cybernetics as the degenerate gamblers they solicit.

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Sexual images from other programs decorate the machines.

slot machine charlies angels

Charlie’s Angels is used extensively in MK-ULTRA.

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charlies angels mad magazine

They’re secret agents just like James Bond.

slot machine 007

Did you know that CIA uses the number seven for programming?

Click Here To Learn about CIA’s Use of Seven in MK-ULTRA!

slot machine lucky 7

Or that CIA uses MAD to lead children to depravity?

Click Here To Learn about CIA’s Use of MAD in MK-ULTRA!

slot machine mad magazine

This stuff goes back a long time.

slot machine devil

People had cybernetics in their heads more than a hundred years ago.

Click Here To Learn about the Origins of Microwave Harassment!

Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla)

Broadcasts were made from the Eiffel Tower.

eiffel 1

Nikola Tesla had an experimental station not only in New York but also at Colorado Springs, where the Air Force would establish its academy.

Tesla Colorado

That was long before gamblers could be hit externally by sounds, lights, and sensory overload to drive them into trance.

slot machines 3

MK-ULTRA uses not only colors but gems for programming.

slot machine crown gems

As Svali describes, the Illuminati use jewels to program those whom they consider high level slaves.

Click Here To Learn about Svali!

madonna marilyn monroe diamonds

They turn people into zombies.

Click Here To Learn about Zombies and Satanic Cartel Signaling!

slot machine zombies

It’s easy to see what garbage Las Vegas is.

las vegas garbage poster 2

No wonder my hero, Joni Mitchell, turned down one million dollars to play there for a weekend.

Click Here To Learn more about Joni Mitchell, Her Targeting, & Morgellons!

joni wight end

But we must not lose the forest for the trees.


The mind control techniques that we see in Las Vegas have broader applications.

off label

The New World Order uses computers, television, and smartphones to enslave America.


Wake up!


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  1. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It will always be interesting to read through articles from other writers and practice a little something from their web sites.


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  3. Hi there! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!


  4. My ears are hurting more then ever in 2020 and 2021! I have Comcast tv server and I can’t stand tv on! Constant high pitch ringing. During covid which means 100, sheep sheep is Ovid using Roman language. They taught us Roman in the 80’s, ha! But even earplugs don’t stop the ringing. My local giant eagle store whatever they use my ears hurt so bad I thought they’d explode. It’s crazy but definitely I am fully aware of some type of attack on us. I’m a highly sensitive person as well. I can’t stand this terrible ringing. Since covid 19, the number 19 when heard makes me look at whatever I’m listening to. See that ? Hmmm


    1. The ringing is due to microwave harassment and hypnotic commands given on subliminal frequencies. Please read my article on voice to skull (V2K).

      More importantly, I hope you also read my article on misdiagnosis and microwave harassment.

      And I have written an article on self-observation, which will reveal further microwave harassment to you.

      Since the enemy also break into our houses while we sleep, it is very important that you take measures to secure your bedroom, as described in my article below.

      I have slept with a chair against my bedroom door for four years; and, before that time, they took me from my bedroom on more than one occasion although I did not remember due to drugs like scopolamine.


  5. I also note that when I watch the news dog leaves the living room. If we watch say food network cooking channel dog stays in the room with us. It audible is clear what’s happening. She is also highly sensitive to noises. Can hear further then other side of town when the bell sounds for fire ems. And senses energy fields and sicknesses in everyone


    1. Animals are also implanted with nanotechnology; so, if you watch them, you will see remote movement and remote barking or not barking.

      Wild animals are also subject to this, since we are constantly being sprayed with neural dust under PROJECT CLOVERLEAF a/k/a/ INDIGO SKY FOLD.

      Also, as noted in my article below, television is used not only to deliver for mind control but for surveillance.

      Still, they can see through our eyes with cybernetics, so you’re never really out of their sight–especially given the hundreds of new satellites put up to support 5g.


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