Billy Murray was one of the most popular singers of the early 1900s.

Even though you probably never heard of him, you might know some of his songs.

Billy Murray sang Moonlight Bay.

Billy Murray sang By the Beautiful Sea.

And Billy Murray sang the song this article concerns: If It Wasn’t For the Irish and the Jews.

Like the Beatles, who were catapulted to fame by the Tavistock Institute, Billy Murray was made famous through mind control.


The Tavistock Institute lies behind it all.

Billy Murray sang records for the Rockefellers’ company:  RCA.


As the satanic conspirators mocked us, they referred to His Master’s Voice, through their advertisements of the Victor Talking Machine Company.

Cybernetic implants, like radio transmission, had already grown common in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York.


Billy Murray lived in all these places—not to mention Denver.

Denver lies on top of a massive underground complex, where a giant supercomputer is used for mind control.


Cybernetic radio connects not only to Tesla, who had an experimental station in Colorado Springs, but to early classical music, as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart joined the Freemasons, consorted with Franz Mesmer, lived near underground facilities, and wrote symphonies at the age of six.


You can learn more about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and its connections to mind control, in my article below.


Here, too, is a piece I wrote on how to fight microwave harassment.


And another….


But it’s not just the radio broadcast to your head:  it’s the radio broadcast to your radio.


Why else do you sometimes think of a song a split second before it plays on your car radio?


You’re tuned in to the same station!


Today, computers are used to control people’s minds from the outside, as NSA piggy-backs signal not just through the Internet but through the Internet of Things.


They use it on everyone from bored children to desparate job seekers.


Smartphones control people’s minds.


So does television.


But in Billy Murray’s day, there was only the radio—-not to mention the Victrola, courtesy of the Victor Talking Machine Company, playing His Master’s Voice, which alludes not only to hypnotism, while they call us their dogs, but to Freemasonic Masters.

So, let’s take a look at what our masters put out through their slave, Billy Murray, who became unbelievably popular, as the New World Order brainwashed America.

That Hypnotizing Man is an interesting title….

Then there are the songs promoting World War One, in which millions died, through false patriotism, and false idealism, while the Freemasons created the Federal Reserve, Federal Income Tax, and a new Sedition Act.

Billy Murray sang Yankee Doodle, but it was just as much a lie as his other songs, especially since America had no real independence from Britain, as the First World War and the Second World War amply demonstrated, and the British used the song to mock America in the so-called War of Independence, which was followed by the War of 1812, in which they burned the White House.

To support England, while millions marched to their deaths, and stupid people signed up, Billy Murray sang She’s A Grand Old Flag.

To support England, while millions marched to their deaths, and stupid people signed up, Billy Murray sang Over There.

To support England, while millions marched to their deaths, and stupid people signed up, Billy Murray sang It’s A Long Way To Tipperary.

Billy Murray promoted the atrocities committed by the United Fruit Company, which made the banana our most popular fruit; so he sang songs like Yes, We Have No Bananas!


General Smedley Butler, who won the Medal of Honor, twice, spoke out against World War One, the Banana Wars, and the Military-Industrial Complex, while he thwarted a plan to take over the federal government, turning down a bribe of ten million dollars; but Billy Murray made the Banana Wars sound fun, while he sang songs about Cuba.


Billy Murray sang songs about the impoverished colored women you could fuck, south of the border, as he called them names like Simbo Sambo.

Billy Murray sang songs about the Irish and the Jews—-only now he tried to work against racism as he promoted these two groups, alone, in his music.

Otherwise, Billy Murray sang with groups like the Great White Way Orchestra, and, in K-K-K-Katy, he seemed to wink at the Ku Klux Klan.

What’s that about?

Remember how the English Freemasons run the whole thing, as do the Rockefellers?

They created Zionism, so they deeply manipulate and superficially support the Jews, whom Billy Murray goes out of his way to support in his music.


The New World Order staged World War Two, so they could create Israel on the same lines as Nazi Germany, for a similar purpose, a fact they signal through the use of their symbol:  The Seal of Solomon.


That’s why Lord Balfour, who made the Balfour Declaration, wrote his friend Lord Rothschild, who ran MI-5, to signal his support for Zionist Israel, while both of these conspirators belonged to the same homosexual society:  The Cambridge Apostles.

Lord Rothschild spoke openly of his contempt for Schnorrers, as he manipulated honest Jews, while he ran the scumbag, Winston Churchill, who was nothing but a war criminal, whose image has been white-washed by Hollywood.


The Jews had their real language, Yiddish, taken from them, as they were relocated to Israel and given a new identity, while the English Freemasons lay behind it all.

The same was true of Ireland, where the English Freemasons staged a fake revolution, and they gave the Irish a new language:  Gaelic.

Neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, and neurolinguistic formulae, or NLF, are used by the enemy to program people, through super-computers, run with zeroes and ones, in mind control.


No wonder Hebrew is a numeric language, in which mathematical code is buried, through satanic gematria, as it was used to reprogram Jews and to give them a new identity.

The Celtic Renaissance, through which people abandoned their native language of English to learn Gaelic, provided a similar opportunity, as the Irish were given a new identity.

Meanwhile, the British Freemasons staged false flag attacks, which they blamed on the Irish, so they could lock down their own country.


And the British Freemasons staged false flag attacks, which they blame on the Muslims, so they can manipulate Israel, America, and England.


MI-6, CIA, MOSSAD, and ISIS are all the same thing.


The British Freemasons run our culture, our business, and our government, whether it’s in England, America, Ireland, or Israel.

They had special projects going in Palestine and in Ireland, just like the ones in Europe and in Latin America, so Billy Murray sang strangely popular songs on each of these themes in their other special project: our country.

Billy Murray didn’t just sing about the hypnotizing man:  he worked for him.


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