Now that I am awake to my abuse, and I understand the enemy’s technology, I find it laughable that they continue to use voice to skull on me.

V2K (Voice To Skull) – A Simple Explanation 


Using technology such as the method for mixing audio subliminal recordings, patent no. US5170381, three separate perpetrators will often speak to me by V2K, pushing me from one to the other, as they attempt to make me follow one of them.

Patents for Mind Control Technology 

v2k patent 2

One patent is described in part as follows:

Audio subliminal recordings are made in which, in addition to using a primary carrier, such as music, two audio channels are used to deliver subliminal messages to the brain.  On one channel, accessing the left brain hemisphere, the message delivered is meaningfully spoken, forward-masked, permissive affirmations delivered in a round-robin manner by a male voice, a female voice and a child’s voice.  On the other channel, accessing the right brain, directive messages, in the same voices, are recorded in backward-masked (or meta-contrast).

The perpetrators are idiots, most of them lacking even a high-school education, and many are not native English speakers.  But these subhuman degenerates, which have nothing in common with me, think they can control me, or my thought, by putting their voices in my head. 

brainwaves v2k

Years of self-study through therapy and the Gurdjieff Work have taught me the ins and outs of my own mind, heart, and body; so I do not mistake my abusers for any part of myself.

Not only that, but I am an English professor and a corporate lawyer, who has spent his lifetime working with language, using our mother tongue, English, which contains roughly five hundred thousand words.  


Choice of words or unusual phrases will also give the game away.  Watch out for calling yourself “we,” “you,” or by your name.

V2K, NLP, & NLF – How To Spot Mind Control through Unusual Speech Patterns


CIA, NSA, and the other scum can make me say stupid or vulgar things I do not mean, but they cannot fool me; and I certainly will not blame myself for their outbursts.  I know from experience that Tourette Syndrome is nothing more than forced speech using obscene technology.  People with Tourette Syndrome are fighting back, hard, in a way we all need to emulate.

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, and Misdiagnosis


Moreover, my accent is unusual, containing elements of England, California, and Virginia, but primarily the rhotacized mid-Atlantic accent found only in southern New Jersey, southeastern Pennsylvania, and northeastern Maryland.  

You never hear a Philadelphia accent on television, or in the movies, because it is almost impossible to imitate, containing a wide variety of vowel sounds unused by other English speakers.  

Sean Monahan has an excellent and entertaining series on mid-Atlantic accents on YouTube, Philly Tawk, which may give you some idea.

Still, the morons try to trick me, and they think that I don’t notice their manipulation of my speech.

I bet your accent, not just your regional accent, but your individual accent is unique, and you can notice changes to it.

usa accents

In the Gurdjieff Work, people practice listening to the sound of their own voices, so I can notice extremely subtle changes in the timbre, tempo, and tonalities of my speech.  

Sometimes I can sing well, in tune, but other times it is difficult because different abusers sing with me.  Likewise, even before I had any idea of my abuse, I noticed I had different laughs.  

rca victor

Listen to yourself, practice self-observation, and you will begin to notice how your speech is being hacked.


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Our enemy depends on silence.



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