As described in my first book, available, for free, below, I grew up in a community in which the Harrimans shaped the composition of the neighboring horse country, most of our fathers worked for DuPont, and the teacher of the A.T. Program was a former officer of the National Security Agency.

That is a small part of the area in which the largest battle of the American Revolution was fought on September 11, 1777, a time capsule was buried on September 11, 1998, and the Star of Ishtar was laid into the pavement of the neighboring town.


Kennett Square is the mushroom capital of the world, so a third demographic grows the mushroom spores that are combined with neural dust to effect the Fourth Industrial Revolution, while a fourth set of people works for Genesis in connection with the Great Reset.


Earlier, I lived in Westfield, New Jersey, where the Playmate of the Year was brainwashed at the same programming center as I, which masqueraded as a soccer camp while our cute little town covered a cesspool of satanic conspiracy.


You can read more about the worldwide satanic conspiracy, which is rooted in the underground bases and castles of New Jersey, in my third book, available, for free, below.

Like my second book, available, for free, below, my third book treats attempts to shape and control my sexuality, and that of others, as the Tavistock Institute, Army Seventh Psychological Operations Group, MI-7, and their affiliates sought to wreck our lives through the manipulation of cybernetics and mass media.

These attempts involved not only the implantation of cybernetics but also the administration of drugs, as described in hearings before the United States Congress.

The pacification of communities through the introduction of fluoride into the water system is well documented.


Less so is inducing puberty through a chemical agent, but this is exactly what happened in Unionville.

While I was taking classes from the NSA Officer, and playing on a little league team with the great-great-grandson of E.H. Harriman,  and immediately after I returned from a family trip to Tavistock, every boy in my grade hit puberty at exactly the same time.

In gym class, we all showered together, which was odd in itself since none of us liked this practice, which we discontinued in high school.

In June 1981, at the end of sixth grade, only one of us had pubic hair, but less than three months later, in September, when we returned from the summer break, every single boy, except for two, had hit puberty—even though there was more than a year’s difference in our ages due to late and early birthdays.

We must have been drugged, to bring about this sudden and improbable change, across the board, but what was the delivery system?

My friend, whose father earlier served as propaganda officer, at Fort Benning, was one of the late bloomers, so I have a unique window into what might have been different in his home so that the enemy did not reach him.

This friend, whose father went on to become a bureau chief for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), as he covered the fall of White South Africa and later the Berlin Wall, under Operation Mockingbird, had something very unusual in his house, which I never saw in the home of anyone else in the eighties.

They had a water cooler, so they did not drink water from the local aquifer.

Going not into any municipal system but straight into the natural water table, from which our house wells draw our water, the spooks must have introduced a chemical agent.


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5 thoughts on “HASTENING PUBERTY”

  1. Eye-opening stuff that most people would poo-poo. But maybe more people are raising their eyebrows lately.

    I grew up on a remote farm in Wisconsin and our water came from a deep artesian well. I knew the difference between our perfect, crystal clear water and the horrible smell and taste of nearly everyone else’s water, especially at the schools and churches.

    Of course, in college, I drank city water, which explains why I even wanted to continue those boring studies to begin with when I really wanted to be making music!

    Anyway, thanks for another good article, Tim!


    1. Dear Shari–

      Thanks for writing, my friend, as your good humor makes me laugh.

      I enjoy imagining your farm, as I enjoyed the treasure trove of photos I found of my old middle school last night.


      Here the water has limestone, which feeds the bones of our horses, whose soft taste might have disguised whatever they put in it–but most of the drugs are tasteless and, although we would have noticed bad water, we really weren’t paying attention.

      I once saw a lawyer, a nice man who went to top boarding schools and colleges, before others paid him big bucks, drink a glass of city water even after I pointed out that the color was yellow and we had a bottle of mineral water on the table.

      (And as for mineral water, what’s up with the switch from Perrier to Pellegrino, with its red commie star? what’s in those dissolved solids? and remember that episode of Northern Exposure where people switch sex roles due to the influence of a source of prehistoric water that Maurice wants to bottle for profit?)

      The water at my college was awful, too, as it was brought in aqueducts to Southern California.

      Otherwise, I have heard that fluoride (and whatever else they put in municipal water) hastens puberty, as do the hormones put into chickens to enlarge their breasts.

      Years ago, I remember being told in anthropology class that people were hitting puberty earlier and earlier, and this was ascribed to an improved diet–but that makes no sense whatsoever since our farm-dwelling ancestors ate hearty.

      Also, I would add that impoverished blacks hit puberty early in the government-run projects, and they are certainly not the beneficiaries of an improved diet.

      Puberty works a change that makes people vulnerable to mind control, as teenagers start to act like, well, teenagers…..

      It seems, therefore, as the enemy works to split children from their parents that they would work to hasten puberty across the board while they seek to sexualize children through media.

      I always enjoy hearing from you!



      1. Timo,

        Darn, I was unable to see the linked photos because I’m no longer on the Faceborg. Were the photos in this article yours? It’s amazing that my school looked so similar. They really are like prison camps: Cold and functional but without heart.

        Indeed, fluoride is bad. I have no doubt that the black magicians and their lapdog “scientists” knew exactly the effects it would have long-term because they were experimenting on people and animals in the late 1800s and early 1900s, way before WWII. By the time Edward Bernays came along, all the groundwork had been laid for broad scale implementation of the mental and physical poisoning.

        Looking forward to reading your next articles, but I’ve got *a lot* of cooking to do this weekend for my food clients!🤗


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