This site is for victims of the mind control program, PROJECT MONARCH, successor to MK-ULTRA, which is run by the Illuminati, CIA, NSA, BND, and MI5.

Among other things, the “program” involves cybernetics, hypnotism, and sexual abuse–whether for alpha leaders, beta slaves, or delta killers, each named after brain waves. There used to be a theta group, an ESP type, but the so-called “masters” eventually realized they couldn’t handle them. I am one of those, although I was classed as a delta….

Personally, I call myself a psi. (That’s for “psy-ops”). Like others, I broke “conditioning” (a.k.a. “training”). It is my dearest hope that you may also break free. It won’t be easy.

If you are reading this, they are already watching you; and you have no choice but to go forward.

Freedom is expensive, but slavery is worse….