This site is for victims of the mind control program, PROJECT MONARCH, successor to MK-ULTRA, which is run by the Illuminati, CIA, NSA, BND, and MI5.


Among other things, the “program”–or as the Air Force calls it, “the mission”–involves cybernetics, drugs, electro-shock, hypnotism, and sexual abuse–whether for alpha leaders, beta slaves, or delta killers, each named after brain waves.  There’s also omega programming, where people are programmed to kill themselves, and gamma programming, where people are programmed with stories to deceive them and others–e.g. that aliens, rather than the CIA, abducted and sodomized a person.  Once there was also theta programming, involving ESP, although that seems largely to have involved the development of cybernetics:  people thought they were “remote viewing” but really they were having image to skull (I2K) tested on them.

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men


(And I do believe in ESP and the aid of invisible and mysterious forces in our struggle, but one has to be careful of the enemy who will try to imitate their action).

Spirituality Is Very Important In Our Fight

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I am a third-generation survivor on both sides of CIA mind control programs.  My grandfather worked for the War Department, and he married the daughter of a grand mason, before CIA assassinated him.

My father worked for E.I. DuPont de Nemours, an Illuminati company, for a boss who graduated from the Wharton School, a programming center.

The DuPont Family and the DuPont Company – Behind the Nylon Curtain


My mother was deeply programmed in the same town as Kathleen Sullivan.  Like many victims, she has no memory of what CIA did to her.

Kathleen Sullivan – Unshackled


Her father worked for Atlantic Richfield (ARCO), who built the HAARP array.  Dr. Mengele, calling himself Dr. Green, tortured him at their factories.

Many more people with the stamp of CIA crossed my life, and there were many “coincidences.”  I remember many programming sessions, and I have written about some of them on this website.


You can read a little about me here–including my childhood in Westfield, New Jersey, a satanic cesspool masquerading as a cute town.

Read More About Me Here


To make fun of the enemy’s classification system, I call myself a psi.  (That’s for “psy-ops”).  Like others, I work constantly to break “conditioning” (a.k.a. “training”).  It is my dearest hope that you may also break free.  It won’t be easy.


If you are reading this, they are already watching you; and you have no choice but to go forward.

Freedom is expensive, but slavery is worse….


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Our enemy depends on silence.