Washington, London, and the Vatican lie behind a world of evil.


So does the Crown.

Prince Andrew’s rape of Virginia Giuffre is only the latest in a long line of offenses.

Prince Andrew is a Liar and a Rapist


English royals have raped and murdered Canadian schoolchildren in satanic rites.

elizabethwindsor The royals have raped English children in the care of the state.


English royals are intimately associated with child molesters.


English royals have conspired with Nazis against their own people.


Is it really so outlandish to think this criminal family might have something to do with the Coronavirus?

royal couple

The Duke of Edinburgh himself said,

“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

Now Prince Charles has tested positive for the stuff.  They probably gave it to him on purpose as a publicity stunt so they can feed hysteria and justify the lock-down.  Who knows?  Maybe they will kill him and blame it on the virus, so they can move the crown to his son and justify future lock-downs….

charles windsor corona virus

Corona is Latin for crown, and the cartel are signal happy.

crown coronavirus

As my girlfriend’s grandfather, Lt. Col. William Brown, OBE, used to say, “You can’t be that rich and not be crooked.”


The Coronavirus has all the marks of a false flag attack.

COVID-19 is a False Flag Attack!


Bill Gates is behind use of the bioweapon.

Bill Gates, Co-Chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation shows a vaccine during the press conference. UN Photo / Jean-Marc FerrŽ

Through Monsanto, Gates employs the incompetent thugs and war criminals that work for Erik Prince.

Read More about Erik Prince and his Crimes Here!


Erik Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, is an incompetent and corrupt moron that conspires to install 5g in our schools, which are now on lockdown because of the false flag attack.

Train Your Brain! The Secret 5g Roll-Out and Betsy DeVos’s Attack on America’s Children

betsy devos crooked

Many of Erik Prince’s employees have CIA connections, and CIA lies behind Bill Gates.


But who lies behind CIA?

evil empire

CIA has strong connections with the Vatican.

Bergoglio – How Pope Francis Promotes Child Sexual Abuse

CIA has strong connections with England.

cia station london

Just like the American military-industrial complex, the English military has a history of using bioweapons on its own people.

Nearly 10,000 military personnel were in Wuhan for the Military World Games only weeks before the Coronavirus Outbreak.  Of the one hundred and ten (110) countries that participated in the games, England was not represented.  Why?

And now Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of England, has placed his country on lockdown.

Why?  Because 422 people have died from the Coronavirus, and these are mostly the old and infirm.  

coronavirus old people

Let’s put that in perspective.  In the winter of 1994, 14,174 English died from the flu.  In the winter of 1996, 15,397 English died from the flu.  In the winter of 1997, 21,140 English died from the flu.  In the winter of 1999, 17,330 English died from the flu.  And in the winter of 2000, 21,437 English died from the flu.  None of the almost 90,000 deaths during these five years led to any sort of quarantine, but now the English have shut down their entire country allegedly because fewer than 500 people died.

flu death chart englandMeanwhile, in Italy, where the Vatican is affiliated with London and the Crown, the CoronaVirus Scare hit its peak.

italy coronavirus map 3

Something’s going on.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

false flag school

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