CIA – Catholics, Illuminati, & Aryans

The Central Intelligence Agency works hand in hand with the Roman Catholic Church, as the Jesuits commit crimes for the Vatican.

Like the Central Intelligence Agency, the Roman Catholic Church is full of child molesters.

As Cathy O’Brien concludes, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Vatican connect directly to the Illuminati.

And the Illuminati connect directly to Skull and Bones.

You can learn more from Cisco Wheeler.

Her grandfather’s brother was the Head of Joint Chiefs.

Here you can read the Illuminati Primer by Veronica Swift.

Here you can read Thanks for the Memories by Susan Ford.

And here’s material from Svali, a bloodline programmer who witnessed obscene satanic rites at the Vatican.

The Nazis were into the occult, as they were controlled by the Illuminati, so it’s easy to see how they partnered with the sick little slaves in the Central Intelligence Agency and the Roman Catholic Church.

Christopher Story, the editor of International Currency Review, to which the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Bank of England subscribed, exposed these connections while he advised England’s prime minister and he published the Soviet Analyst.

Professor Antony Sutton tells how the satanic bankers created communism, created fascism, and created the intelligence agencies—-all while they play the different sides against each other.

They are like the hedge funds, and the banks, for which I used to work, as a corporate lawyer, while I brought in the Federal Reserve.

In Blowback, Christopher Simpson shows how the Central Intelligence Agency recruited thousands of Nazis, while it pretended to fight communism.

OPERATION PAPERCLIP was only part of it, as was MI-9.

You can read about attacks on my family in my first book, as the Central Intelligence Agency conspired with the Nazis and pretended to fight communism.

You can read about attacks on my family in my second book, as the Central Intelligence Agency conspired with the Nazis and pretended to fight communism.

Then, in my third book, I begin to explore the connections among banking, communism, fascism, and the military-industrial complex.

Like the Bank of England, or the Vatican Bank, the Federal Reserve stands behind it all.

You can learn more in The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffith.

Just as the Jews connect to the Nazis, the Catholics and the Agency are not what they seem.

See them for what they are.


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8 thoughts on “CIA – Catholics, Illuminati, & Aryans”

  1. I didn’t want to believe the Vatican was like that. I guess I wanted to believe it had been infiltrated instead and could be cleaned up.

    Because I like Christianity and I think it is good.

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    1. Don’t let what you feel, and know, and your real relations with other real human beings become confused with Christianity—unless it’s useful to you, useful to help others, and useful to goodness.


    2. It is curious how the french revolution – the turning point for the beggining of satanist culture open air- started in a country now know as a typically socialist one but that one day was the most catholic one o.o

      And if the french revolution questioned royalty power, followed by the russian revolution questioning power, and the 60’s revolution questioning any manners and now the sexual and gender revolution questioning something that was the culmination of manners done preferably inside 4 walls, and the help the 2 different genders offered to each other, all of that was parallel to another revolution hratherappening all along, influencing them all, the industrial revolution you write so much about with its 4 phases, culminating in turning us into walking talking robots with no free will at all, as most of us follow cybernetics blindly thinking it is our will, desire or “a plan of God”, “destiny”, etc, and now after studying your site for 3 years it is a lot clearer to see how people will be so sedated and inebriated by the effects of technology and psychological coertion we receive through media, school, working place and neighbours etc, always spying one another fulfilling the campaigns that say “denounce this denounce that for the benefit of society yada yada yada”, obeying blindly the belief in man on the moon, space rce, vaccines, etc, that they will easily swallow project bluebeam, which now, while we can question it, seems absurd. Sorry it is difficult to express thougts using words sometimes especially in a foreign language. But in the Bible, which in my opinion has some good inspiration, but can be easily used for evil purposes, John says -free translation- “when you have an inspiration, analyze if it is a good or bad inspiration”, and it is so true when it comes to our cybernetic enslavement. All the time I’m attacked by thoughts that are not mine and I have to think like 10 times before giving credit to them and concretize them lol i think more than I act if you see it is even funny. And John also said the world is dead in evil, it is no even living in evil which means there is no true victory in this world in what people generally call “victory” (cheap pleasure at the cost of others). I think this world is just a bridge where we have to learn to observe and be wise as serpents and harmless as doves more than acting impulsively. I have done so many things based on impulses and when I look back I see pure mind control in my decisions and cicles that ended without leading me anywhere. And now people are being encouraged to be irrational. To follow their heart. Some inner voice, guardian angel, holy spirit whatever when they are just following cybernetics. Have a nice week!

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  2. Thanks for the advice hey.

    I try. It’s been hard being born with two people with Mary and Joseph in their names. Every single other Mary and Joseph I’ve read of in the news has been jailed for killing a child. So, perhaps there has been some form of religious mind control going on there?
    There was child abuse in my upbringing. But, they didn’t end up killing any of us. I feel as though my parents were manipulated to behave the way they did by the triangle heirarchy without them even realising.

    The triangle heirarchy is by the way what I call the elites who worship themselves (the triangle). The CIA part of that.

    Also, I had a Near Death Experience when I was about ten years old. Being on psychiatric drugs and going through mind control kind of blurred religion and real life together, I guess.

    I want to put the past behind me and my family to heal and have a happily ever after but the past haunts me and I’m afraid that wish might be unrealistic at this point.

    I feel quite isolated and alone. I used to have friends and family that loved me. Then, I was put through psychiatric abuse and what I think has been mind control. And, it’s been hard.

    I really like your blog. It makes me feel a bit less lonely, like I’m not crazy, with somebody else having gone through something kind of similar.

    I hope you get your daughter back btw 🙏

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    1. Thank you. Otherwise, you may wish to consider starting your own blog. You could tell your story, help others, and drive the enemy to destroy each other–all while you fought back.


  3. It always was evil organisation.
    Christianity is the form of mass mind contreol, the religion they used to kill all who protessted against them and to chained their kids as slaves.

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