Neurolinguistic formulae are used to program people’s minds, as they repeat catch phrases.

Television can be instrumental.

Check out the newscasters below, listen to their message, and note their use of identical words.

But what else is the television used for?

It celebrates the coronation of a criminal king.

It pushes a false narrative of the Ukraine.

And, while the television is used to make stupid people believe in aliens, it is also used to make conspiracy theorists look stupid.

If someone puts forward a conspiracy theory, they will even say,

It’s not a conspiracy theory….

How did this get started?

The Central Intelligence Agency wrote an internal memorandum targeting free thinkers who questioned the government’s cover-up of the Kennedy Assassination, so it branded them as “conspiracy theorists.”

CIA doesn’t just use IN-Q-TEL to run Silicon Valley, while DARPA created the internet.

That’s where a former porn star writes Snopes, and people listen to her, while the faker calls real news fake, and the site claims every conspiracy theory is baseless….

CIA runs not only the internet, but it also runs your television, so it works to distribute “central intelligence” that excludes alternative views.

The first thing you do when you’re involved in a conspiracy is to stigmatize conspiracy theorists….


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  1. I always wonder why all the local news are all about the exact same news. If the channels compete amongst one another for audience (bogus), they should strive to find something new and attractive to show but they show the exact same news and always according to the agenda of tje time. Now it’s been feminism for the last 10 years and gender relativity stuff, rainbow unicorn people for the last 5 years. If we turned TV on 20 years ago all the news would be about racism 24 houra a day. It still goes on but a lot less because of those other agendas that took place.

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