I have written about NWO’s use of microwave harassment.

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, & Misdiagnosis of MK-ULTRA Symptoms

Self-Observation – More on How To Fight Microwave Harassment


I have written about the deep state’s use of the coronavirus shutdown to effect a secret 5g roll-out.

Coronavirus, the 5g Roll-Out, & the Attack on America’s Children

The Coronavirus, FEMA, and Medical Martial Law

Many doctors have spoken against 5g.

Doctors Who Stand against Microwave Harassment

For yet another perspective, please check out Vapeshop Patriot, a heroic whistleblower, who works as a tower climber installing this horrific technology.

Visit Vapeshop Patriot’s YouTube Channel Here!

He is yet another brave insider speaking out against the attack on our country, its people, and its children.

Vapeshop Patriot makes me proud to be a man and proud to be an American.  


Like him, we need to speak out.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

wake up

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