What’s up with James Dean?

Why is there so much hype around him?

Humphrey Bogart said, 

Dean died at just the right time.  He left behind a legend.  If he had lived, he’d never have been able to live up to his publicity.

Dean became the first actor to receive a posthumous Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, and he remains the only actor to have had two posthumous acting nominations.

That was right after he died, recklessly speeding, in a car wreck that he caused.

It’s almost as though Hollywood wanted to glamorize his death….

In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked James Dean as the 18th best male movie star of Golden Age Hollywood.

As you can see from the colors and the hand sign, the American Film Institute is satanic.


Hollywood is satanic, and it is run by satanists at CIA.

In Hollywood, stars molest children, and they drink adrenalized blood in satanic ceremonies.


James Dean gave blowjobs, and hand jobs, and he allowed men to sodomize him so he could get roles in movies.

James Dean had a sicko relationship as the submissive slave of Marlon Brando, his dominant master, while both engaged in leather-clad sadomasochistic sex sessions.

The Gay Times Readers’ Awards called him the greatest male gay icon of all time.

As a boy, James Dean lived in different places, including Los Angeles, which made him vulnerable to sexual abuse.


He immediately found work as an actor, leading him to drop out of school, as CIA arranged his life.

Much of his performance in East of Eden, which made his reputation, was unscripted.

He just winged it.

Then he went on to “act” in Rebel Without A Cause, where he played a disaffected teenager.

Just like Holden Caulfield, from Catcher in the Rye, the MK-ULTRA programming classic that was the favorite of more than one brainwashed assassin….

Catcher would figure large in The Preppy Handbook, which was also used to brainwash teenagers.


And James Dean acted in a third movie, Giant, which was released after he killed himself.

In sum, James Dean was a homosexual, who traded his body for roles in movies, while he played unhappy teenagers, in movies where dangerous driving looked cool, before he killed himself in a car wreck.

They had to scrape him off the road.

What a model for kids!


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12 thoughts on “JAMES DEAN & MK-ULTRA”

    1. Funny how books show up, isn’t it? They have put various books in front of me this way, and I have usually not read them either. What you say is good news because you are rejecting hypnotic suggestions, delivered by V2K, and rejecting attempts to arrange your life. Don’t forget to bolt or block your door from the inside. They depend on home burglaries, and they use drugs, hypnosis, trauma, and electroshock to erase memories.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. You showed good sense in rejecting the book, as you rejected the suggestions of the losers that put it forward in The Preppy Handbook and other places.


        Now, here’s the hard work.

        See where they got into you elsewhere because their moves are sneaky.

        What do you think of The Outsiders? or is it Abundance of Katherines? or a stronger book?

        What books spoke to you? What books didn’t? And what books kind of spoke to you and kind of didn’t. And where? And when? And how? And why?

        Then you can move on to sports, movies, and people to see how the scum have been attacking you, along with everyone else, in every way, for your whole life.

        That’s what my books, real books I have written, are all about, and you can download copies, of all three, for free, below.


        It’s not only about rejecting or accepting suggestions, but it’s about how, and why, and where, and when, each of us, as an individual, rejects or accepts constant suggestions.


        Let’s have a conversation, which could help others, as I hope others join in….

        Every separate one of us needs to be intelligent, honest, and creative in our fight!


  1. Catcher in the Rye has primitive writning (flat characters etc.) level just like most of satanist work. I didn’t get it why people find it likeable.


  2. I recently discovered your website. Your research is thorough. There are two things I want to mention. 1) There is a novel called THE NINTH HOUSE by Leigh Bardugo. In this novel the secret societies of Yale practice magic. They have the ability to open portals to transport themselves to far off places, the ability to use mirrors to “copy” a person’s face and use it as their own and the ability to convince others to do what they want. The author, Bardugo, graduated from Yale and I suspect that she’s using fiction to convey real-life practices of Yale Secret Societies. Will you please read the book and find out if they are really practicing magic? And 2) There is a child rapist/serial killer with the birth name of Frank Rushan. Rushan changed his named to Andre Rand. After being discharged from the military he changed his name and became a serial killer. If you look up an image of Andre Rand he looks very much like Quentin Tarantino (director of Pulp Fiction). Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s first screenplay was inspired by the killings of Andre Rand. The film based on their screenplay is called “The Burning.” Years later The Weinsteins made Tarantino famous by producing and releasing his films. So Frank Rushan/Andre Rand is linked to Quentin Tarantino via the Weinsteins. I suspect that Rushan/Rand is Tarantino’s biological father. Also Rushan/Rand, I suspect, is a product of MK Ultra. Will you please do some research into Frank Rushan/Andre Rand and find out if he did some basic training or was stationed at some point at a military facility in Tennessee, the state where Tarantino’s mother at 15 got pregnant?


  3. There was a book that I read where a man claimed he was raped by James Dean when he was about 13 years old. I can’t remember the man’s name or the book. But in the book James Dean saw him walking. Dean was sitting in a high-end car. Dean spoke to the boy and the boy got excited when he recognized Dean. Dean invited the kid into his car and seduced him, kinda like the character Will Smith played in Six Degrees of Separation. The kid was in pain but at the time did not realize he was assaulted. He was happy to be acknowledged by a famous person, James Dean.


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