Since it is Christmas, it is time for my holiday article.


Although the television is a mind-control device, I still enjoy watching yuletide classics like A Christmas Story.


Then there’s Deck the Halls, which features a competition over christmas lights.


Or there’s Rudolph, which sends a terrible message to children.


I cannot stand Love Actually, and I am sure there are other bad ones, but I just don’t watch them.


One of my favorites is Home Alone, which my daughter and I enjoyed.


It’s a little like Mouse Hunt, a film I once told her to watch, as I said I had seen it myself, tricking her, because I needed to do work, at home, for my law office, to pay for our Christmas.


It’s kind of like the time I told her that the grand-daughter of Eloise lived at the Plaza, while we lunched under her portrait at the Palm Court, or the way I encouraged belief in Santa Claus—as to which I later came clean.


Here’s a picture from our trips to New York, when we used to hit Dylan’s Candy Bar, FAO Schwartz, and visit a museum or see a show, while we always lunched at the Plaza, which provides the backdrop for the second Home Alone.

In Home Alone, it’s great how the hero tricks and defeats the imbecilic villains, who are just like the scum in the deep state.


Check it out!

It’s not only funny.

It’s inspirational.


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9 thoughts on “HOME ALONE”

  1. Thanks for an uplifting article about your favorite (and hated) Christmas movies! We, too, love A Christmas Story, as well as Elf, although we haven’t watched either of them for a couple of years. I’ll be cooking for clients on the 22nd and 23rd but hopefully we will make time on Christmas Eve or Day to chill for a couple of hours in front of the ol’ mind-control device (while being very mindful, of course, heehee)! I’ve been working on a big article which unsurprisingly has generated an idea for another one, so there is no shortage of good work being done around here!

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  2. Chistmas isn’t our celebration — it is Saturnalia, dedicated to Saturn, Aryans didn’t celebrate these days.
    New Year was March 1 and it symbolised begnning of faming works. Saturnalia symbolised the end of year, death time.
    Since i inted to break free I stopped celebrating it.
    Actually I’ve never loved this movie — sadism for fun, not healthy message.
    By the wat there is pizzagate scene when father show pizza and red platter.


    1. I don’t celebrate anything, one thing I found out: this world is a cult: media, school, money slaves market (“work”), giftmas, new year eww, world cup, easter-ishtar, olympic games, organized religion, internet of things, politics, tourism, interchange, fashion, revolution, war, “official” history and geography, superbowl, baseball league, cricket league, surf league, skate league, whateber cup and league, home decoration, music industry, cinema, tv, digital influencers, etc, they are all devices and puppets belonging to a small group of demons in human form scattered around the world with their faithful cattle doing as they tell them to and the rest of the masses is just lost cattle who wants to follow everything that comes up by those first ones besides having cybernetics that don’t even let them choose: they do things thinking it is out of their will. I believe deep inside before bibles and qurans were written with all their deviation there might be a god who sent messengers to free us from this cult because we may have come from a different world and who knows why we end up here in this cult where we are not free and I’ll keep searching for the truth until I die instead of believing any lame spiritual thing these demons want us to swallow.

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  3. Home Alone is cinderella programming for Macaulay Culking disguised as a giftmas holiday movie. I feel so sorry for him, visiting Neverland ranch and then being put to a sinister programming in that weird movie The good son, with frodo baggins, which is a catholic raised actor being put to evil programming through hollywood movies, too. Kieran Culking, Macaulay’s brother, went to court against his own parents because they used the children to become young stars and took their money.


      1. Ok, it’s just that the story of him defeating the burglars is actually his dissociation from torture when he’s “accidentally” left by his family alone, just like Matilda, which is even worse, asks to be badly treated so that she can show her superpowers which developed after humiliation suffered by her. She doesn’t have any power it is just her dissociation. And cinderella never dances with the prince. This world is a prison but real knowledge is a kind of power isn’t it? We end up not depending on the whole apparatus people who are sleeping do, like you show in some articles. You ended up saving money and health after they did some attempts of sabotage in your life like the bar that caught fire. Everybody here wants an airfrier and an Alexa (?!), at least I don’t lol.


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