Allen Ginsberg was a rapist, who sodomized the boys who fellated him.

He wrote “poems” that began with…

Sweet boy, give me your ass!

Ken Kesey, a wife-swapper at best, run by CIA, lauded him as a hero.

So did his pal, Timothy Leary, run by CIA.

So did his guests, the Hell’s Angels, run by CIA.

These shitboys stole their name from a real American hero, Howard Hughes, a targeted man, who made more than one real film.

Ginsberg got one thing right:  CIA lay behind the drug culture.

Listen to his voice on Howl, a filthy poem full of dirty words, which also calls out the banks.

It is the voice of a computer.

This is a perfect example of forced speech.

If you listen, you may hear the enemy.

Call foul!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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