CIA created the counterculture of the 1960s to discredit the anti-war movement, to lead young people to drugs, to alienate them from their families, and to draw them away from public engagement.

I have written elsewhere about cartel signaling with respect to the Beatles.

Satanic Cartel Signaling – From Miley Cyrus to the Beatles


I have written about CIA’s use of the Doors.

The Scream of the Butterfly – Jim Morrison and Project Monarch


I have written about CIA’s use of Ken Kesey.

Dream Wars – Get Off The Bus!

kesey wife swapping

The Grateful Dead seem particularly reprehensible.  Not only is their music unbearably mediocre, so you would have to be brainwashed to like it; but band members like Mickey Hart and Bob Weir are members of the Bohemian Club.  In Bohemian Grove, Illuminists hunt, rape, and molest naked children.

Hunting Humans – The Most Dangerous Game

Here I want to talk about Timothy Leary.  Listen to the recording below, and tell me that is not the voice of CIA.

Timothy Leary was born at West Point, attended the U.S. Military Academy, and served in the army, where so many are abused, drugged, and implanted.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

Leary enrolled in the psychology subsection of the Army Specialized Training Program, through which he studied at Georgetown University, a Jesuit institution in Washington, D.C., heavily affiliated with the State Department, the CIA, and the Vatican.

Bergoglio – Pope Francis Protects Child Rapists


After he got his doctorate, Timothy Leary had a large grant from the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), which is heavily involved in mind control.

Cartel Signaling in Children’s Books (including Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH)

After his wife killed herself, degenerates involved with the Ford Foundation brought Timothy Leary to Harvard.

The Ford Foundation and the CIA

Ford Foundation, a philanthropic facade for the CIA, by Paul Labarique

ford foundation cia

Timothy Leary got into psychedelics through Frank Barron, who worked at the Institute for Personality Assessment and Research (IPAR).  Leary himself said that IPAR was funded and staffed by former OSS-CIA psychologists, and he claimed that Barron turned down an offer to become director of psychological personnel of the CIA.

frank barron

Frank Barron was a co-founder of the Esalen Institute, which has CIA written all over it.  Extremely evil people like Ewen Cameron, Lauretta Bender, B.F. Skinner, Louis Joylon West, Jacques Gottlieb, Harris Isbell, and Max Fink were associated with Esalen, CIA, and MK-ULTRA.

Esalen, CIA Doctors and MKULTRA (archived)

Esalen, CIA Doctors and MKULTRA (online)

esalen chart

While at Harvard, Timothy Leary promoted the use of LSD as part of MK-ULTRA, while the government supplied him with the drug.

Eventually, Harvard tossed him out, while Timothy Leary became a rock star.  Now he could be spotted at places like the Playboy Mansion in the company of CIA handler, rapist, and blackmailer Hugh Hefner.

The Playboy Mansion, Blackmail, and Rape


Timothy Leary ran for Governor of California.  It was one in many steps through which CIA would destroy California.

California – Targeted by the New World Order

Timothy Leary went to jail, but the Weathermen broke him out.  As with the Baader-Meinhof Gang, or Red Army Faction (RAF), the New World Order used this group for false flag attacks in connection with CIA OPERATION GLADIO, FBI COINTELPRO, or associated operations designed to provoke the erosion of our rights and to justify the expansion of the surveillance state.

CIA’s Use of Herbert Marcuse


You can learn more about the Weathermen, who took their name from “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan, another person controlled by CIA, below.

ClandesTime 150 | The Weather Underground | Spy Culture (online)

ClandesTime 150 – The Weather Underground | Spy Culture (archived)

As CIA controlled the civil rights movement, it split the Black Panther Party, driving Eldridge Cleaver into exile in Algeria, to which Timothy Leary fled.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – The Real and Fake Civil Rights Movements

Eldridge Cleaver had the sense to see that drugs were bad for the revolution, which is why CIA isolated him in Algeria.  Timothy Leary, whom CIA fully controlled, did not share this view.

As my friend Andrea Davison, formerly of British Intelligence, has written, the Cold War was nothing but a sham.

English Heroes and Traitors – Andrea Davison and the “Royal” Family

Perhaps for this reason, not only did CIA work with the STASI in connection with the Baader-Meinhof Gang, but Timothy Leary was offered a job behind the Iron Curtain, which he refused. 

[In Algeria] a psychiatrist took me to lunch to ask what I knew about mind control and brainwashing, implying that I could find a good post behind the Iron Curtain, in a Czech or Hungarian Clinic.

Even if CIA did not support the offer, the Communists saw Leary as an expert in mind control.

leary slogan tune in turn on drop out

Leary himself said that CIA helped him leave Algeria.

A charming English lady, a stringer for Newsweek introduced us to a well-educated Algerian bureaucrat named Ali and his French wife Michelle, who had us over for dinner several times.  He made no bones about his connection to the CIA.  They were planning to migrate to Canada.  I felt the moment had come to confide our hopes to someone. 

“Look Ali. We want to escape Algeria. How can we get out?” 

“You have two problems. First you’ll have to get some other country to accept you. You can’t just go to the airport and jump on a plane. And second the Algerians will have to let you go. Once you accepted that green political asylum card, you gave the Algerian government the right to decide where you’ll be most useful….

“Your exit visas will be waiting for you at the airport. I’ll arrange it.” 

In our hotel suite I lifted Rosemary up and swung her around in triumph. “Denmark, here we come.” 

“Are you sure we can trust him?” she asked. “He’s CIA after all.”

“He’s liberal CIA,” I said, “and that’s the best mafia you can deal with in the twentieth century.

Timothy Leary’s girlfriend, Joanna Harcourt-Smith, by whom he fathered a son, Marlon, was connected to Gianni Agnelli, a member of the Bilderberg Group.

Myron Fagan – More on the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers


Gianni Agnelli was also a close friend of Henry Kissinger, the child molester, rapist, pimp, traitor, and war criminal, who ran Shirley Temple and who runs Sarah Palin.

Shirley Temple, Pedophilia, & the Deep State

Sarah Palin, Superheroines, and Rape


Susan Ford, writing under the pen name Brice Taylor, describes horrific sex crimes committed by the degenerate Henry Kissinger.

Thanks for the Memories by Susan Ford (Brice Taylor)

In December of 1972, Timothy Leary fled from Algeria to Afghanistan.  CIA had not yet destroyed the country in their now-ongoing eighteen-year-long war to control the flow of heroin from the Golden Crescent at a cost of one trillion dollars to the United States taxpayer.

CIA Drug Wars – From Vietnam to Afghanistan


Lara Logan would do some excellent reporting on the futility of CIA’s drug war after the agency arranged a horrific attack on her through which they sought to interest men in rape.

Lara Logan

Lara Logan, Osama bin Laden, and Benghazi

Meanwhile, back in the early 1970s, CIA moved Timothy Leary directly back, from Afghanistan, to the United States, with the help of their agent, Leary’s girlfriend, and the mother of his child, Joanna Harcourt-Smith.

Timothy Leary

After Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, released Timothy Leary from jail, he took up residence in Laurel Canyon, just below Lookout Mountain, a mind control center used by USAF and CIA, especially in connection with the L.A. music scene.

The Targeting of Joni Mitchell, Shamanic Conversions, & Morgellons

As Aaron and Melissa Dykes point out, in their excellent documentary, The Minds of Men, MK-ULTRA concerned cybernetics far more than LSD.

Cybernetics & The Minds of Men

It is no surprise that Timothy Leary later promoted computers, cybernetics, and what would become the internet.

timothy leary computer

The surveillance state uses the internet to track our every move, as they hack our brains, and harass us with the super-computer in Schriever Air Force Base.

The Air Force Is Full of Satanists, Rapists, & Child Molesters

The Fake Moon Landing, Microwave Harassment, & Sexual Slavery

As CIA’s agent, Joanna Harcourt-Smith, recounted,

Timothy said in 1984 that the computer revolution would free the world.  He said that the power of computers would be the next escalation of the sixties creative rebellion.  He compared the Internet to the network of synapses in the human brain.

There was something to that idea.  Although the computer revolution enslaved the world, the interface between our brains and cybernetics allows the rise of transhumanism, while the New World Order hits us with microwave harassment.

Doctors Who Stand Against Microwave Harassment

Meanwhile, Timothy Leary continued to flash Illuminist and masonic hand signs, including the so-called peace symbol.

Learn More about Illuminati and Masonic Handsigns Here!

timothy leary hand signs peace

That V-sign is really the Pillars of Wisdom, as the freemasons at the Tavistock Institute and the Central Intelligence Agency advertised their control over the hippy movement.


Here you can see an older Timothy Leary flashing the Eye of Horus, which embodies 666, and suggests the All-Seeing Eye.

timothy leary crazy eye

No wonder we see so many celebrities using the same signal.

Cartel Signaling in Playboy – More on the Eye of Horus


CIA can never resist cartel signaling through which they advertise our abuse.

A Primer on Satanic Cartel Signaling – Phoenixes, Firebirds, & Thunderbirds


Timothy Leary would eventually die of prostate cancer, a result of microwave harassment, through which the subhuman degenerates at CIA, NSA, and their affiliates target the anuses, prostates, and genitals of their victims.

Mind Control, Microwave Harassment, & Misdiagnosis


This is the man who told America’s young people not to trust their parents, to use drugs, and to disengage from politics, business, school, and life.

As he said, “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out….”


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Our enemy depends on silence.

timothy leary


  1. Hi again Fighting Monarch,

    I just sent you an email in response to your article on T.S. Eliot, my father’s mentor and just now read your Timothy Leary article (I’m catching up on my emails from a month of being offline). Oddly enough, my father lived at Millbrook with Timothy Leary, I actually met Leary as a child, and my father was part of Leary’s “Create Your own Religion” movement, serving as a meditation teacher to people tripping on acid. My father told me that he was constantly drugged while there with LSD because LSD spiked drinks were often served and my father didn’t like that, he was a strict beer drinker. He told me that the LSD changed him forever and seemed to have wiped many of his memories!! While there, my dad met many now deceased Rock Stars such as Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead etc.

    I remember meeting Timothy Leary on a visit to my dad with my mom and step-dad. Despite the mansion having a huge kitchen, there was no food in the house and all the children there were hungry. My mom sent my step-dad out to get me a hamburger and said all the kids stood around me staring hungrily at my burger while I ate. They asked my father if they could give me some LSD at age 5!! He refused!

    Freaky stuff! I don’t think I’ll ever get to the bottom of whatever really happened to my father!

    Thanks again for another thought provoking article!

    All the Best,

    Shakuntala Tambimuttu

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for this article.

    I have witnessed so many lives affected and even destroyed from following this fake revolution put there to misdirect young people of good intent to make a better world. I was one of those afflicted with these delusions that were fed us, and I am so relieved now, to be free.

    This is vital information.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for writing!

      Gurdjieff shows up in a chart on the human potential movement along with Esalen.

      CIA works to corrupt the Human Potential Movement, just as it works to corrupt the church; but you can still find value in both places.

      Cisco Wheeler put a question mark next to Gurdjieff in her book.

      The real Gurdjieff people are absolutely legitimate although the enemy got, and gets, into them in various ways—to make Gurdjieff fat, drunken, and lecherous; Nicoll overly peaceful, tipsy, and fat; Ouspensky drunk and bossy; Bennett flakey; and the Foundation/Society secretive.

      That said, the Family of Friends claimed to have an affiliation with Gurdjieff, but it was all lies put out by a child molester and con man who read some books and never received an authentic transmission of the teaching.

      Claudio Naranjo also looks suspicious to me. He was at Esalen, so he’s probably what the chart, which I did not create, refers to.


      1. Ok makes sense, I always wondered as researchers like jan irvin/jay dyer have said people like gurdjieff , Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell were with the CIA because of there association to esalen.
        I’m trying to discern real spiritual teachers from new age bs. So you recommend any?



  3. Check out my article on kundalini, which is bullshit, where I discuss the Gurdjieff Work.

    Also, I have written an article on self-observation, the Work, and microwave harassment.

    And I wrote an article, when I first set up this website, on spirituality.

    The best thing is to live a healthy life and keep your feet on the ground.


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