While researching an article, I recently came across Richard Grannon, who seems to be a good fellow, helping people fight narcissistic abuse.

Our enemies in the global intelligence community are narcissists, completely out of touch with reality, with nothing going for them, moronic poorly educated drug addicts, rape victims who have been trained to rape others in the most disgusting ways, and utter slaves, who seek to destroy everything good, beautiful, and noble in the world.

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Richard Grannon does not seem to be aware of cybernetics, gang-stalking, or targeting, but he seems to know a good deal about narcissistic sociopaths and how to deal with the scum.

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Richard Grannon seems to be thinking more of disfunctional parents, partners, and bosses; but perhaps we can learn from him since we face a similar enemy.

Zersetzung and bullying are the same thing, and they are each perpetrated by weaklings, losers, and cowards.


Richard Grannon works with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which gives me pause since our enemies developed this tool for mind control.

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I do not believe this good man is aware of the cybernetic threat we face, so his ability to help others is limited.

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sun tzu self knowledge

CIA has often attempted to co-opt the human potential movement, turning people’s desire to grow and do good against them.

esalen chart

Still the videos may be worth a gander:  Richard Grannon seems to be a good man, with a genuine desire to help fellow humans, who knows a trick or two.

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I was particularly struck by Richard Grannon’s analysis of brainwashing techniques, regarding a favorite from MK-ULTRA, Alice in Wonderland, as described in the CIA KUBARK MANUAL.

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I was also struck by Richard Grannon’s understanding of Tavistock methods used to break people.

And I could not help but notice his discussion of gaslighting, a technique used by our enemies at DHS, the heirs to the STASI, as they seek to isolate, bankrupt, and institutionalize us, painting victims as insane, deluded, or unreliable.

Check out his stuff, and comment below:  I would be interested to hear what others think.


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Our enemy depends on silence.



  1. I found his videos early on when I first connected certain aspects of what I was facing with narcissistic abuse in intimate relationships. I’m very pleased to see that in his newer videos, he is expanding to discuss bigger picture items, touching on the subjects of this blog. It’s remarkable to consider how naive I was when I began and how far down the road I’ve traveled. It’s a relief to see someone like him apparently drawing similar connections and documenting it as he is.


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