Tonight I was hoping to enjoy a quiet evening.

But that never happens as idiots bother me with microwave harassment.


They are just that stupid.

So here I am, writing another article.

This adds to more than two hundred, written in the last two years, on a site that has almost one million hits.


I get hits from all over the world–including Iran, Greenland, and Antarctica–but the imbeciles at NSA, DHS, and MI-6 actually want me to hit them harder.

So here are my speculations about foreign exchange students and the programs, AFS and Rotary, that run them.

When I was a boy, we had an exchange student, from Sweden, stay in our house.


No one knew him before he arrived, so no one knew what he used to be like.

They say travel changes you.

So do the brainwashing programs run by the Tavistock Institute.

CIA lies behind them, as do its sick programs:  MK-ULTRA and PROJECT MONARCH.

What better way to brainwash teenagers than to remove them from their families and communities, breaking their supportive bonds, to put them in the company of strangers?

Through Pierre DuPont, the Illuminati set up the Junior Year Abroad for this purpose.


They used it to brainwash me.


And they use it on high school exchange students.

The students are moved to undisclosed locations, visiting cities away from their host families, where it is easy to do things to them.

CIA uses drugs like scopolamine to stop memories from even forming.


CIA uses hypnosis.

People are brainwashed using techniques described by Cisco Wheeler, whose grandfather’s brother, General Earle Wheeler, served as Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff.


They say the purpose is to promote peace, but we still have just as many wars.


The real purpose is to isolate and brainwash teenagers.


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Our enemy depends on our silence.


  1. This has me a little bit concerned. I was in the rotary youth exchange, and I suffer from really bad memory. Though I don’t see what use they could have for me.


  2. My experience was a similar one. An exchange program between my university in Eastern Europe and a US liberal arts college. “Partners in Education.” I ended up trapped on campus (in the middle of deep woods) for months on end. No transport, no car, no money (while the school was reseeding grass at $3 million a pop). Some of my fellow exchange students turned to promiscuity, homosexuality, drugs. Our personalities took a beating; no one became a better person. A couple of the most shameless and ingratiating individuals would go on to Columbia and other spook centers. The rest of us were chased out the day the spring semester ended. Afterwards we were expected to fraternize as alumni and even raise money, for years to come. But I can’t say I’ve kept touch with anyone. The whole experience was much too isolating and atomizing for that.


    1. Thanks for writing!

      You may also be interested in my article on arranged meetings, eurail pass, and Americans spending their junior year abroad.


      Also, in my second book, available for free below, I describe my undergraduate college and my own year abroad in detail.


      And, less important, here is a fairly mainstream article I wrote about college.



  3. They used it on our female Ecuadorian foreign exchange student, I am quite confident. My own childhood has enough tell-tale signs of MK-ULTRA, including a super-sketchy memory (we already discussed this), and it’s likely that I was the set-up “portal” to bring Tania here to the States for our senior year in high school. She and a classmate fell in love, and after she moved back to Ecuador and became married with children, she STILL regretted leaving the US and almost divorced her husband to marry the classmate. You are right, the scum will do anything — and use anyone — to destroy people, families, the Earth, and all living beings.


      1. “I have found that falling in love, and even sexual attraction, not to mention friendships we form and dissolve, often involve enemy action.”

        So true. I have dozens of such stories from my own life. And of course, I’m reading about yours.


      2. Thanks, pal. Wait till you get to the second volume!

        As I say in the afterword of the second book, “Hedgehogs and Foxes,” the largest point of my writing is for readers to find these things in their own lives, in their own way, so it gives me joy to hear you say that!


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