Watching the Prisoner is a fun way to learn about MK-ULTRA:  everything shows up there!

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It’s like a map of MK-ULTRA.

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With a really cool hero, whom I use for a logo and an icon.

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Multi-colored golf umbrellas appear in the Prisoner, so much that you have to wonder what’s going on.

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prisoner umbrellas

The Prisoner contains other masonic symbols like the top hat and the tessellated pavement, so I wonder if the umbrella is masonic.

freemason umbrella stand

The masons lie behind the New World Order–like their masters in the Illuminati.

The umbrella shows up with bankers, who form part of the cabal.

deutsche bank umbrella

Some umbrellas may suggest the Maltese Cross.

maltese cross umbrellaMalta is deeply involved in the conspiracy against humanity.


The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta maintains diplomatic relations with over one hundred countries, and it has permanent observer status at the United Nations.

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US Out Of UN

Malta is a base for the Crown.

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elizabeth windsor crown

Malta is a base for the Vatican.

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pope laughing

The conspirators perform satanic rites where they molest children in obscene sacrifices.

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child sacrifice vatican

Satanic Ritual Abuse is real:  SRA permeates the highest levels of the New World Order.

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sherlock holmes sacrifice

High luciferians spill blood on magic days in magic places because they believe that their gods consume the energy released, that the celebrants can drink from the sacrifice, and that their victims will serve them in the afterworld.

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luciferian calendar

You can see why these degenerates would like Malta, which contains the oldest freestanding structures on earth, each with an orcish name–the megaliths at Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra (in Qrendi), Ta’ Ħaġrat Temples (in Mġarr), Skorba Temples (in Żebbiegħ), and Tarxien Temples (in Tarxi).

Temples of Malta

Here’s a video about the scum in the Order of Malta.

But Malta doesn’t have only sites for devil worshippers.

sacrifice wicker man

There’s so much more:  there’s something for everyone.

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malta brochure 1

Check out this video, which gives an overview for tourists to the island.

One tourist company offers a package for Italy, Malta, and Switzerland.

italy malta switzerland


skipper suspicious

My favorite Malta destination is Umbrella Street.

umbrella street malta

You heard right:  Malta has a festival for the umbrella.

malta umbrella street

This is starting to look like something from the Prisoner.

prisoner umbrellas

No wonder so many Illuminati visit Malta.

malta brochure 8

General Reinhard Gehlen, Head of Nazi Intelligence on the Eastern Front, a war criminal who worked closely with the Central Intelligence Agency, was a Knight of Malta.

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Reinhard Gehlen

Shirley Temple was a Grande Dame of Malta, who was appointed representative to the United Nations, served as Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia, married a naval intelligence officer, flirted with Henry Kissinger, and sat on the Board of Disney.

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Shirley Temple - Malta

So was David Rockefeller, whose family lies behind it all.

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rockefeller gates

So was George Bush, the former Director of Central Intelligence and President of the United States, who is small time by comparison.

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After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Bush met with Gorbachev at the Malta Summit, where the leaders of the capitalist and the communist worlds made plans for us all.

malta bush gorbachevThe Knights of Malta are big!

knights of malta

Am I imagining things when I see this umbrella?

red white umbrellas malta miami

It looks just like the Maltese Cross, which is picked up in the flag of Switzerland.

switzerland malta swiss maltese flagVarious Popes have visited Malta.

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pope malta

The Pope draws his private army from the Swiss Mountains.

Pope Vatican Swiss Guard

Tunnels run out from the Vatican, with its strange symbols and its pedophile pope.

vatican obelisk

They lead to Switzerland, where the Vatican partners with CERN, an organization that decorates its space with the Hindu God of Destruction, SHIVA, and its logo with the Sign of the Beast:  666.


What are we to make of the fictitious Umbrella Corporation that shows up in Resident Evil?

umbrella corporation malta bioweapon

Or its connections to zombies?

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umbrella corporation zombies

Or the connections among the fictional corporation, pharmaceutical interests, and worldwide viral epidemics?

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This is what the CIA calls GAMMA PROGRAMMING.


It’s named after the brainwave, and the object is to deceive people, mixing fantasies about reptilians, aliens, or time travel with real conspiracies.

mkultra list

The goals of Zersetzung, brought to the United States by Markus Wolf, Head of the East German Stasi, are to destroy you–physically, morally, and financially.

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And they seek also to deceive you through MISOs such as OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.


So when some dope-smoking teenager who plays too much Resident Evil starts to wake up, remembering real abuse and uncovering real conspiracies, the idiot doctors have a go-to diagnosis.

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idiot doctor

When it’s not celebrated in Malta, the umbrella shows up with British secret agents.

avengers umbrella

The umbrella is picked up by comic book villains like the Penguin.

penguin umbrella

See how hypnotic his umbrella looks….

hypnotic swirl

Hypnosis is a big part of MK-ULTRA.


This makes me think of the potential for umbrellas.

arnold palmer golf umbrella

Arnold Palmer made the multi-colored golf umbrella popular.

arnold palmer umbrella

That umbrella has the colors used for programming in MK-ULTRA.

Learn More about Color Programming Here!

Color Programming Poster

CIA puts flashing lights in dance clubs to trigger trance in their victims.

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Dance Club Disco Lights Strobe

A dance club is a very easy place to drug a victim–so that you don’t even remember that they did anything to you.

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fixed drink

This all starts with subjects who are drugged, hypnotized, and programmed in secret government facilities under PROJECT MONARCH and MK-ULTRA.


Sexual abuse and hypnotic programming also occur during home break-ins, which people do not remember because of truth serums, hypnosis, electroshock, and the mind’s natural response to trauma:  amnesic walls.


It is imperative that you secure your bedroom!

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surface bolt

As for color programming, Cisco Wheeler writes,

One of the things developed in the California Universities and then implemented at China Lake was color programming, which will be covered later in this book.  Red and green were discovered to be the most visible colors for programming. Various colored flashing lights were used in programming at NOTS. Survivors of the programming all remember flashing lights.  The use of flashing lights has been introduced into American culture by the CIA.  If a person goes into bars and places where bands play, you will notice multi-colored lights flashing.  The flashing lights create disassociation, especially in people who are programmed.

Cisco Wheeler is the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, the Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff–but what would she know about secret government programs?

Click Here To Read Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques!

cisco wheeler illuminati book

Watch the hypnotic effect induced by spinning an umbrella.

I would be very curious to hear below, in the comments, from anyone who has experienced this means of abuse.


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